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  • Elisse Carma

Camping in Cannobio

We had a brief camping trip in Cannobio, just a little drive north on our lake, and we had a blast. The scenery was incredible as we were even closer to Switzerland and therefore the mountains were bigger. Amelia and I took early walks and made pictures in the morning light. Later when the other kids got up we played again on the beach. We also went into town both days--once just to wander with our bikes, which was a blast and we had a delicious lunch on the water, and once for the market, which is one of the biggest around, and I could NOT handle the crowds. Brad picked up a jacket and we then explored the upper side of town. A lovely little getaway with great weather.

girl sits on the beach

girl jumps over log on the beach

girl scraped up her knee

girl thinks while sitting in front of the mountains

boy peaks out from the camper van

kids play on rocks

kids crouch on the beach

boy jumps across big rocks

girl with a stick in her hand

kids wrestling on the ground in front of a restaurant in italy

girl wanting to blow out candles in a church

kid with a chair on his head

girl on her bike with beautiful sunset

kid walking on a bike ramp

bikes on a bike ramp in italy

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