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I'll be on call for 4 weeks surrounding your due date, ready to come to you as soon as labor is underway. I'll document the labor process, the birth, and the first moments of life, and deliver a beautiful slideshow along with the images for printing and web-sharing.




"Elisse has a way of capturing moments and beauty that is breath taking! She photographed my son's birth and took some newborn photos a week later and I will always treasure them!"

- Bethany B.

"She captured all of the emotions we felt - elation, love, fear, and hope. She did a great job making us feel comfortable."

- Michelle D.

Birth is such an incredible process and the power of the human body just amazes me every time I witness a life entering the world. Each birth is so unique and I love to tell the story so that you can continue to experience it for years to come!

For Fresh 48 sessions, I come to the hospital / birthing center / home within the first 48 hours after your birth to document some of the first moments spent as a new family. We typically include siblings or grandparents, aunts and uncles, to document their meeting the new baby. You won't regret capturing these priceless, once-in-a-lifetime moments in a beautiful way.

"I was skeptical about doing a birth photography session but had heard great things and willing to try something new. I have to say, they are still my favorite pictures of my now two year old daughter... Those pictures have been such a special way for me to remember and celebrate the birth of my child."

- Lissa B.

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