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You know how much you love those "On This Day" and Timehop reminders on Facebook? Imagine in ten years having a bookshelf full of albums, each album representing a typical day in the life of your family for that year. An album full of the most precious moments with your kids that you never want to forget. Images of you holding your child, reading to them, playing with them, taking care of them. Images of your kids getting into trouble while you cook their dinner. Images that I can create for you with my knowledge and experience and one day in your home. 

I will document your family as they are, in and around your home or exploring the city. I won’t ask you or your children to pose or smile. I won’t tell you where to go or what to do. I’ll just spend the day with you and capture your family in a beautiful and natural way.


"I was intimidated at the thought of getting the 'mess' of life on camera, but Elisse turned our mess into a beautiful work of art. She captured the everyday and the extraordinary all in one setting."

                            -Kendra O.

1/3 DAY

These are 4 hour sessions: morning or evening


These are 6 hour sessions: either from the moment the kids wake until early afternoon, or from midday until just after bedtime. 


These sessions last for an entire day--from the time the kids wake up until they go to bed. 

"If you're even mildly considering asking her to follow you around with the camera for an hour or a day, do it. Don't hesitate. I look at the photos at least once weekly and smile. Especially for moms who find they're never in the pics, or afraid to get candid photos of yourself. Do it! You'll see your real self in the images."

                            -Kate M.

"She has a talent for capturing real moments that you will treasure for a lifetime... It is clear to me that she has a passion for her work and I'm reminded of that when I look at the photographs she has taken for my family."

                            -Laura S.

Francesca, Sergio, Davide, e Federico

Images by Elisse Carma

Music from

Produced by Elisse Weinert

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