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"With her friendly, calm, yet quietly professional way, she made everyone feel right at ease."

- Kathrin

"She captures real life, real moments in an amazingly beautiful way that only a true artist could."

- Kim


Hey there! I'm Elisse! I'm a Texan, a traveler, and a nature lover. I'm a wife and a mother of 3 little monsters. I love eggplant and chocolate, preferably not together. I'm an animal lover and an extroverted introvert... is that a thing? 

Aside from my passion for photography, I love horse back riding, plant-based

cooking, quilting, vintage hunting, singing, dancing with my children, yoga, and changing my mind. 

I live outside of Milan, Italy with my family and we've got the travel bug... We can't go two weeks without setting out for some new destination. Seeing new parts of the world has changed me and my photography. I love to capture my own family and other families in new and exciting settings. 

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