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A Day in the Life of the White Family 2019

The Whites are some of my oldest and most frequent clients, and some of my most familiar as Gaby has become my expat bestie over the past few years. Being so familiar with her family makes photographing them all the more special as well as easier because these kids are so comfortable with my presence that I can pretty quickly settle into my work. Because of the chaos and time constraints of both of our moves, it'd been a year and a half since our last session, and I felt that I'd grown a lot as a photographer in that time... so my goal approaching the session was to make stronger storytelling images as well as photos showing more of their environment. This was a challenge as, thanks to the rain, we were mostly stuck inside but in the end I am really excited about the pictures we made and the story we told. I love this family so much and always hope that they'll see the beauty in their lives and the love between them when they look at their pictures.

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