• Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Narteh family

I have this friend from college who was somewhat of a role model for me. Angie lived in my building for two years and I had a habit of knocking on her door, sitting down on her bed and telling her my boy problems. Silly trivial 19-20 year old love life problems. And she, a few years older and plenty wiser, would listen, and very sweetly and patiently give me advice. She is the type of person to never say a bad word about anyone. She'll always give someone the benefit of the doubt. She's an incredible listener and advice giver, and I recently saw for myself that she is, of course, a fantastic mother. Like, the kind of mother I dream to be. I hadn't seen her for several years, but when I found out she was diagnosed earlier this year with aggressive breast cancer we got in touch. I was able to document a few hours of her family time one evening in Utah this summer, and seeing her family together just filled up my soul. These boys are so loved and so patiently cared for by both their parents and you can just see the way they cherish each other. I'm incredibly grateful that they let me into their home to capture these memories for them.

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