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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Zimmermans

Jackie is an expat living in my town here in Italy and a fellow photographer. Also rumored to be a ninja mom, capable of performing all sorts of stunts while breastfeeding. Also a super patient and nurturing mother. Also a fantastic friend and someone who always makes me laugh. She had a baby a few months ago and we did a Day In The Life session to document this beautiful and special but always somewhat chaotic transition period. We did a 1/3 day session and captured the morning hour weekend routine while her mother was still in town helping out. Here's the highlights!

mom and her girls on the bed

sister lets baby put her toes in her eyes

dad puts bug bite cream on his little girl

mom nurses and listens to her older daughter's woes

little girl climbs on her bed

mom and her girls

dad and his little girl laughing on the couch

the whole family playing

mom and dad adore their baby

mom and dad listen to their little girl

baby sister gets to be a toy

the cat plays with mom

baby gives the camera that look

wild hair and roses

dad spins his little girl in the garden

beautiful long wild curls

mom and her little baby in the garden

mom and her little girl make cupcakes

mom and her little girl laugh while baking together

baby sleeps

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