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  • Elisse Carma

Camping in Turin

This was our first camping trip in our VW van. This was when we fell in love with camper van life. Well, I take that back. We fell in love with camper van life when we ventured to Kyushu. That's when we knew for sure we're a camping family. And we knew when we found out we were moving to Italy that if we ever owned a second vehicle, it would be a camper.

The ability to set out without a hotel reservation or airline or train ticket, the feeling of getting back to nature and simplifying things, waking up in a new place and sitting under a blanket in the cold air sipping a hot drink, hikes, camp food, lying on the bed listening to the wind blow and the river running nearby, and of course the sticky s'mores around campfires.

Yeah, we're definitely a camper van family.

blowing on a campfire

We camped near Turin for our first weekend trip, which happened only because we had to scrap our original plans to go out near Venice--the opposite direction--because of constant torrential downpours on the forecast. We found a very quiet site up in the hills near Turin, which had a great forecast, though chilly. We had a great time and made lots of notes for things we needed to buy for future trips, and it was a beautiful start to a summer (and fall) of camping.

girl at the campfire in the smoke

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