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Rome 2019

Rome! What a city. I mean, there just aren't words to describe the incredible adventure that awaits you in Rome. We did this trip with my parents in late April--actually Easter week, which was apparently a bad idea. Despite the crowds we had an unforgettable week. My personal favorite part of Rome was seeing both the Coliseum and the Roman Forum because it blew me away to see such ancient architecture--and remnants of architecture--and imagine what it was like in full glory 2000 years ago.

The majority of these pictures are from two museums we visited, as I found myself more interested in the kids' experience there than the actual artwork (I know, I'm weird). I loved the way they got lost in the ancient art and how fascinated especially Amelia is with every little detail in the audio-tours. I'd love to go back to Rome sometime, though maybe on a weekend getaway with Brad because it really is a lot of work to haul kids through that beautiful but chaotic city. I said more than a few times that I never want to be herded through the Vatican City museums ever again. Once was enough. But as with most strenuous and anxiety-inducing explorations, in hindsight I'm really glad we did it.

I'd love to hear your experiences with or questions about Rome! Leave me a comment.

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