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  • Elisse Carma

Golden Weekend 2019

At the end of our summer trip to the states we spent one glorious weekend with very dear friends in Golden, Colorado. Our hostess, Kelly, planned out such a fun few days, prepping snacks and meals for us and making sure we had water bottles. We explored Golden's riverwalk, went to an incredible bluegrass festival in the rain in Idaho Springs, and spent an afternoon in the mountains eating homemade pizza. It was the perfect way to end our home leave, with these friends we feel so comfortable with, and we wished we could stay longer. I only brought my camera out twice but I'm so glad we captured some of this great little trip we had together. I'm crossing my fingers that we can make this happen again next summer.

Kid in a tent

pushing the wagon

three little girls in a wagon in Golden

sad little girl crying in her mom's arms

little boy with grass in his teeth

daddy and daughter in the mountains

sad boy and his mama

dad getting tickle attacked

big eyes and a kiss from mom

little boy with grass in his teeth and his parents' hugging him

tired little girl

a couple in the mountains

mom kissing her  baby

mom getting slapped by the baby

me and my man in the mountains

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