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  • Elisse Carma

Cinque Terre 2019

We visited Cinque Terre this spring with my parents--not our first trip, but our first time since moving to Italy. We drove down to a town near Cinque Terre and took the train in for a hike and ferry rides to explore the towns. The kids did much better than expected on the hike from Vernazza to Monterosso. Skye walked almost the entire 2.5 hours, minus a short stretch of being carried, which is a downright miracle as she can't be expected to walk the 5 minute walk to school, meaning we bike most days. We had delicious gelato, even better pizza, and stunning views. As usual I loved capturing the kids' enjoyment of discovering a new place, their unique personalities and habits. These images sum up about all the feelings from this awesome weekend vacation.

boy on a train

skye and Amelia on the train

skye being strange on the train
walking on the rocks

in front of Vernazza

skye and Amelia jumping rocks

dean and Amelia hug while walking through Vernazza

plugging their ears

eating while hiking

hiking but also being a train

taking the ferry

skye in the town

Amelia looking through binoculars

skye on the rock

Amelia and dean on a high rock

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