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  • Elisse Carma

Lago d'Orta 2019

skye on the docks

We visited Lake Orta in the spring with my parents as a day trip. It's beautiful and we loved exploring Orta San Giulio--the beautiful little island/town with a silent convent in the center--as we did with my brother in law last fall. The pictures I took are really a story of Skye and the way she explores. We often find ourselves rushing her along because she just wanders and sings and dances everywhere she goes, with absolutely no sense of urgency. Brad and I both frequently say call out, "Skye! Come on! Let's go! Skye! Keep moving!" But when I get the camera out, I tend to let her move at her own speed, wishing to document the way she experiences the world and all these new countries and cities. I think it's a beautiful thing that she dances her way through a new city, and I don't want to take that away from her. Of course, sometimes we just have to get moving or risk missing the boat or train or reservation. But, when we can, I like to let her do her thing. And I love to make art out of it, because that's my thing.

skye in Lago d'Orta

skye shrugging

Amelia walking through the streets

kids twirling in the light

kids fighting over the stroller

dean grumpy in Lago d'Orta

Skye doesn't want the orange

yoga skye

skye and amelia in the stroller

look at all this!

skye performing on the stairs

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