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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Sodergrens 2019

Anna Bella and mama laughing at the breakfast table

The Sodergren family were some of our very closest friends when we lived in Japan. I've done several sessions with them over the years, my favorite being the regular Day In The Life sessions when I get to spend half a day with them and really see how the kids have changed and try my best to capture those aspects of their personality at that age. Jenny and Matt are amazing parents, as anyone who knows them can attest to. Their typical Sunday mornings are always so relaxed and fun, centered around the kids and what they'd enjoy. It's a joy every time, and I miss these four like crazy. Enjoy my favorites from their session this past spring in Nagoya, Japan.

Hiro grabs mama's face

Adoring little brother

AB and dad in the bathroom

AB and dad playing legos

AB walking on her tiptoes

AB and her baby brother

family takes a walk through the city

Ordering food at the curry house

Double feeding

Taking a cab ride

Sakura picnic tickles

Cuddling dad at the sakura picnic

Walking through the park with dad

sad AB on a walk

the family at the park

bathroom break at the park

picnic games

sakura snow at the picnic

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