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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Butlers 2019

I spent an evening with the Butler family for our second annual Day In The Life session while I visited Japan this past spring. We started in a beautiful park in Japan under the sakura trees, enjoying the evening light and nice weather and letting the kids play. We followed with dinner at home, family board games with Grandma, and bedtime routines. I loved capturing those moments at home with them and showing how the kids have grown over the past year. They're getting so much more independent and coming into their own personalities. I miss spending time with the Butlers and loved this special evening with them!

Addison performing while she walks

Andrea and Richard on their walk through the park

dancing kiddos on a walk

mama and daughter in heiwa park

sunset kiss between mom and dad

dad and Addison playing together

mama carries Addison

Jackson puts flowers in his mother's hair

kiss from Richard

Addison and her mama skip together

embraces while cooking dinner

Jackson playing football at the park

after their daily prayer song

feeding Jackson

Addison putting lotion on

watching tv so close to the screen

Addison spitting out her tongue to mom

Grandma's glasses stolen

playing family board games

Jackson the sore winner
snuggles between mom and Addison

Boy don't tell me how to play this game!

dad and Addison playing operation

Addison and Jackson run upstairs together

dad picks up his little girl
bedtime monkeys

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