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  • Elisse Carma

McWilliams Family Visits Italy

The McWilliams came to Italy over Christmas break to visit their family members who live here as expats. Before they arrived, their friends (/coworkers) gifted them a one hour family photography session--with me! Personally I think this is a fantastic gift idea, and highly recommend it ;). The McWilliams family is really a one-of-a-kind family... I was blown away by their positivity, their good energy, the playful way they interacted. It was easy to capture some good moments during their session because they never stopped laughing. And a big bonus--these were taken right in my front yard! Here are some of my favorite shots from my time with them!

Family laughing together at the palazzo

Brown eyed girl gazing at the lake

brown eyed girl laughing in the piazza

black and white portrait

mom and dad laughing together

mom and daughters

girl laughing

portrait of mom alone

sisters holding hands

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