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  • Elisse Carma

Baby Sora

This is one of many sessions I've done with the beautiful Warner family in Japan. I wish I could have made it back to Japan in time for Sora's birth, but it just didn't work out! But I'm thrilled to have spent a little time with Sora and her family and to have made some portraits of them together in their home. Here's the highlights!

Baby sora in red

Nicole and her baby in a rocking chair

baby sora in her mom's arms

mom and baby in the chair

dad and son

Taiyo and his dad watching the baby get her diaper changed

the whole family on the bed

the boys admiring their new baby sister

Jesse and his little baby girl

Jesse and Nicole walking down their street with baby in arms

Nicole and Jesse embrace at the park

taiyo and the water fountain

the three boys on the swingset

taiyo playing with the water

Nicole looking at her soaking wet little boy at the playground

Jesse kisses his baby in the swing

baby sora wrapped up and sleeping

swingset family moment

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