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  • Elisse Carma

Marsden DITL

In London I photographed the Marsden Family, visiting from outside the city, as part of my mentoring experience with Kirsten Lewis. We started in their airbnb and ventured out to the art museum to capture the family experiencing London together. I learned so much from Kirsten, and I'm so happy with the images we got from this session. Most of all it was very reassuring as she reaffirmed that I was making good choices as I shot. She gave me the ability to calm down and believe in myself and let myself create my art without feeling obligated to capture everything. It really boosted my confidence as an artist overall and reminded me what I love about this work.

And as always, I fell in love with the family I photographed. These kids have some serious personality and I love the way their parents encouraged them and also patiently pressed on through the meltdowns and madness. These are my favorites--enjoy!

Daddy gazing at daughter

Toddler hand on the oven

girl slides down the stairs

dad throwing daughter in the air

Mom looking at an old camera

girl excited at the museum

dad holding boy upside down

girl playing in the museum

girl playing at museum in front of colorful lights

boy running from his parents in a museum
bored girl in a museum

bored and laying on the ground in a museum

double chin at the museum

trying to escape at the museum

pushing the wheelbarrow up the ladder

carried through the museum because he wants to run wild

mom and kids pointing in the museum

chewing on a fork

grumpy toddler at the table

pulling mom's hair angrily at lunch
kids fighting in the museum

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