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  • Elisse Carma

Jacksons in Montana

Playing on the lake

We love returning to Montana in the summers for some lakeside fun. My incredibly generous uncle offered his house for another reunion, and we soaked it up!

the whole family together at the lake

This is my family! We're growing every year! It's always so fun to get together and always a zoo.

just the jackson kids

I wish I'd grabbed my camera more often--the only day I took it out was for these posed family pictures and a few shots on the lake after. But I definitely tried to live in the moment and enjoy the vacation and I'm glad I did.

the wilde family

the dj family

the weinert family

cami's family

kJ's family

seth and flying baby

grams with almost all the littles

We are so lucky to have Grams join our family reunions almost every year. We love the tea parties and the dough babies and the banana bread and most of all her company and her hilarious sense of humor.

dad at the lake

she watching everyone play at the lake

I wish we could go every summer. This lake is a part of my childhood, a part of my mother's childhood, and such a serene and special place to relax and enjoy family time.

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