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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Butler Family

Addy and her parents cuddle

Another Day in the Life of another family that I miss dearly, now that we've left Japan!

Addison with crazy hair

The Butlers' Day In The Life session has been a long time coming. We must have talked about it for 6 months and rescheduled it 3 or 4 times.

Andrea and Richard in the kitchen

And it finally happened, just 3 weeks before our move. I'm so glad it did!

Dad flips his daughter around in the kitchen

The Butlers had lived in Japan for over a year when we had this session. They've settled into their lives there and were ready to document a normal Sunday.

Addison looks out the window

On this particular Sunday, Jackson was feeling sluggish, but Addison was vibrant.

Addison laughing at the tv show

She was full of life, full of energy, ready to start her day.

Andrea plays with Addison

I found myself in awe of the way Andrea allows Addison to be exactly who she is. She played freely, expressed herself freely, and laughed all morning. This little girl is one happy, independent soul.

Andrea checks Jackson's breath after brushing

When Jackson finally arose and got ready for the day, I had to snap this picture of Andrea checking for clean breath! Cracks me up every time.

Jackson is mad at dad

Addison tries to climb under  the tatami mat

The Butlers have a beautiful tatami room in their home and I laughed when Addison climbed into the opening in the floor designed for the charcoal that heats the water for tea.

Father and son at the park

We ventured to the park where Richard removed Jackson's training wheels and taught him to ride on two wheels--a big day for Jackson!

Addison fell on her bike

Father and daughter at the park

Father teaches his son to ride his bike

Jackson was very proud of himself and worked hard, starting again over and over.

Andrea helps Jackson start on the bike

Jackson rides his bike

Addison laughing with mom

Jackson on the slide

Addison kisses her mom

It wasn't very long till Addison decided she wanted her training wheels off too! Addison is a very brave kid and wasn't interested in getting left behind. In a way, she's a pretty typical little sister--anything big brother can do, she can do too!

Addison tries without training wheels

And she did! Right away she took off on two wheels and amazed all of us.

Addison rides her bike

Addison falls off the bike happily

Every time she fell she just laughed and got back up.

Mom is proud of her daughter

We were all excited for Addison, but a little concerned about Jackson, who is very competitive and didn't exactly appreciate his 2-years-younger sister stealing the limelight. I can totally understand that.

Mom and daughter go to find brother

Jackson snuck off for a while, wanting to ride by himself, alone with his frustration. Addison wanted to follow, so Andrea and Addison creeped up the stairs to the higher level of the park.

Addison and mom being sneaky

When they found Jackson, Andrea embraced him and cheered him on.

Jackson  doesn't want to be kissed

Moms are so embarrassing!

Ice cream sharing

The kids were treated to ice cream for their big achievements. Baskin robbins is right around the corner from their home, so it's their usual spot.

Kanpai with the ice cream

Jackson may have been a little disappointed with the way the day turned out, but he and Addison both made big leaps and I'm sure will continue to compete and push each other to higher limits throughout their lives. 1

Family at the ice cream shop

Andrea was an important member of our mama tribe and we shared many laughs and tears over the time we had together in Japan. I miss her calm presence and her sense of humor. I hope this won't be the last DITL with the Butler family, and can't wait to see them again some day!

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