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  • Elisse Carma

Giuliana and Braxton's Birthday

Gia slides at the park

Birthday parties are such a blast to document. There is always plenty of action and plenty of sweet and funny moments. Braxton and Giuliana have birthdays close together so they had a joint party this spring. These kids are pretty special to me and it was so fun to watch and document them enjoying the day. As always, I had a hard time picking favorites! Enjoy :)

Cutting the cake

Blowing out candles

Cutting the cake while kids watch longingly

Clara watches Addison eat her cake

Gia feeds her mom

Braxton kisses his mom

Braxton runs down the hill with his buddies

Gia grimaces during a kiss from mommy

Gaby and Gia play on the biplane

Skye and Clara play with the party favors

Justin kisses his little girl

Alejandro is bored

Braxton runs in front of the sakura

Gia puts stamps on herself

Gia shows off her stamps

Gia laughs

Gia and Daddy at the park

Here's the slideshow:

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