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  • Elisse Carma

Anna Bella's Second Birthday

Jen tries to smash a water balloon on Matt's head

Anna Bella turned two in September! I was so excited to spend the day with her and document the celebration.

Anna Bella on the swing at the park

Anna Bella is such a special little girl with a quirky personality. She seems to know what she wants, though it's always changing. She's fiercely attached to her mama, but she's always getting braver. She even asked me to hold her at her party--shocking both me and her mama and totally making my day.

AB peaking out through her mother's legs

AB and Jen cuddling at the park

Jen put in a lot of work preparing for Anna Bella's Elmo party. She even made these awesome birthday shirts that they both wore.

Matt filling up water balloons for the party

They had a great turnout--so many of AB's friends came to play. Water balloons, bubbles, and cupcakes kept them all plenty happy.

Giuliana takes a drink at the water fountain
Addison blows sideways bubbles at the park

Jen smiles at her daughter's birthday party

Jack and Amelia sit in a lawn chair

The party lasted most of the day, and by the end we were all pretty worn out.

Anna Bella covered in chocolate holding her new Snoopy

Tired and covered in chocolate frosting, Anna Bella planted herself in this lawn chair with her new buddy, Giant Snoopy....

AB and Matt playing together at the park

...and then she was off again, leader her dad over to the playground to get in some more playtime.

AB looks concerned on the playground equipment

Addison throws sand at the park

Addison ended her day throwing sand into the air... fun for her and for me, maybe not so fun for her mom, who'd later have to wash all that sand out of her hair.

dean and Amelia run wild at the park

I was quite impressed that there were no meltdowns or major injuries, with all those kids playing together at the park all day. Just lots of fun.

Matt laughs at AB with his hat on her head

As always, I was honored to document another day in the life of little Anna Bella, who's getting older way too fast.

Matt and AB at the end of the party

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