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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Sefcheks

The Sefchek family has been living in Nagoya for a year and, though it takes expats a while to feel at home in Japan, are starting to feel settled and comfortable with their weekend routine. They invited me along recently to document their normal Saturday together, everyday moments that Elaine no doubt felt should be captured as her time here in Japan is now halfway over. As expats we feel like a few years will be such a long time to live somewhere totally new and foreign. In reality, the experience is such a wild adventure that the time flies faster than you can ever imagine. I hope that Elaine is grateful that she has these memories captured, so that she can always remember what a Saturday at home in Nagoya felt like, with her husband and her two beautiful and independent little girls. Here are a few of my favorites from this session!

Elaine and Josh in the morning

Bentley eats cereal and watches tv

Elaine and Tate with the binky

Bentley gets dressed in front of the tv

Bentley runs ahead of her family to the park

Bentley runs to the park through the shadows

Bentley and Tatum at the park

Mom kisses a boo-boo

Bentley likes fries

Girls on a subway train

Bentley doing Parkor

Mom tickles her little girl

Tatum gets tickled

Family on the couch

Tate cries into her mother's arms

Bentley throws a fit on the floor

Bentley gets her feet tickled

Bentley looks for a fly in the windowsill

Superhero girls jump on their mom

Tatum gets baby lotion

Bentley gets dressed for dance

Bentley and her mom walk to the station

Bentley waits for the train

Bentley watches the dance class before hers

Bentley dances with her class

Bentley's dance class being goofy in line

Little dancer on her mother's lap

Bentley and her best friend in the subway station

Mom and daugher on the train

Bentley in the city

Tired tate and her dad

Mom tickles Bentley

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