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  • Elisse Carma

A Day in the Life of the Krampes

Join me for a day in the life of the Krampe family...

Erinn washes Clara in the morning

Clara is two, and she loves to wear pretty dresses and she loves her dolls.

Clara holds her dolly at the top of the stairs

Clara eats her breakfast and gets her hair done

On a typical Saturday morning, Dad makes pancakes--but not just any pancakes. Mickey Mouse pancakes!!!

Clara and Parker run wildly through the kitchen

Probably my favorite time of any Day In The Life session is when the kids get a little crazy. When the volume goes through the roof and the kids run circles around the house running from mom or dad. The Krampes DITL was no exception!

Justin plays with the kids

While mom cleaned up, Dad chased the kids around the house and they screamed and shouted.

Clara runs from her dad happily

I personally think it's a pretty great way to start the day.

Clara sits on the potty and makes a face

Clara has recently been potty trained, so we had some adorable potty moments to capture.

Clara runs from dad and Erinn makes a funny face

Aaaand back to the fun and games!

Parker is stuck

We got ready to set out for the day and Erinn found Parker stuck between the couch and the coffee table with a very worried face.

Justin holds Clara on his shoulder

Justin and Erinn are incredibly patient when it comes to getting the kids from one place to another. I really admire their way of gently prompting the kids to keep moving and letting them have some freedom.

Erinn carries Parker on her back through the park

Clara makes a funny face in the elevator

Clara is such a ham sometimes, and she had me laughing all day. I really love the funny faces she makes out of nowhere.

Clara and Justin wait for the subway

This is a pretty typical part of the Krampes' day--waiting for the subway! I loved the way the yellow everywhere matched with Clara's yellow hair bow.

Erinn and Justin laugh on the subway

To me, this photo captures how fun, easy going, and positive Justin and Erinn are, and how well they embrace adventure with their kids. I hope they see it when they look at these pictures.

Dean and Parker push Clara in someone else's stroller

We went to the zoo for a birthday party of one of Parker's classmates. My family actually attended the same party--Dean and Parker are classmates and best friends--so I was actually able to capture our families together, which was really special.

Parker and Dean and Kanta play

The boys had a blast, as they always do.

Dean and Parker laugh together

They really keep each other entertained for hours.

Dean and Parker play Shinkansen

Shinkansen games are always part of their playtime.

Parker runs wildly at the zoo

And man, is Parker a fast train!

Justin and Erinn at the zoo

I'm so glad I could capture a few pictures of Justin and Erinn sitting together without the kids--talking and laughing and just being themselves.

Clara makes a face while Erinn washes hands

Another potty break! In Japan, there are rarely any paper towels in public bathrooms. You are expected to bring your own little hand towel. When you don't have one with you.... you air dry! And Clara seemed to have her own opinions about that on this particular potty break!

Clara cries on her mother's shoulder

Poor Clara took a few tumbles, as she's in that stage where she wants to run and play like her big brother but can't always keep her feet under her. Not to worry, Mama always makes it better.

Clara and her mom on the elevator

Parker gets a roller coaster ride in the stroller

When I noticed Parker getting ready for a speedy Shinkansen ride down the wheelchair ramp, I ran ahead and waited for the shot. I was really happy with the way this picture captured that little ritual! How fun is Parker's dad??

Dean and Parker play at the restaurant

We met up with my family again for a ramen dinner. This gave me even more opportunities to capture the boys goofing off.

Dean and Parker being crazy at the restaurant

Dean and Parker don't want to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is always so hard for these best friends...

Clara in the bath

Back at home for bath time!

Clara and Erinn exchange gifts

Clara and Erinn play a little game where they take turns wrapping a toy in a washcloth and exchange it as if it were a gift.

Justin throws Parker in his towel

Justin Erinn and Parker watch Clara jump

Everyone watches Clara jump

During story time Clara showed us her acrobatic skills. Even without a nap she was ready to keep playing!

Erinn kisses and tickles the kids

I love the way the Krampes love their kiddos, and I just love their family for so many reasons. They've been so special to me and to my family and I'm so glad we could capture their day together in such a fun way.

Here is their DITL slideshow!

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