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  • Elisse Carma

Phuket, Part 2

Skye laughs and drools on the beach

Our kids are growing to love the ocean. In the past they've been pretty nervous about the waves and the mystery of the water.

Amelia laughs and plays in the water

Phuket was perfect because the coral reef broke up much of the waves, leaving only gentle waves for some mild body surfing and good swimming.

Skye has a mouth full of sand

Skye... ate a lot of snacks at the beach. And some sand.

The kids and Brad build a sand castle

See those massive mosquito bites on Dean's leg? The downside of paradise is that he gets eaten alive. We spent nearly $50 on benadryl, various creams, and bug spray.

Grandpa helps the kids build the sand castle

Of course we enjoyed sand castle building. Grandpa Fiddy is always a good sport about joining the kids activities, even if they're messy.

The family makes a sand castle while the tide comes in and sweeps it away

It was really fun to get in the water with my camera and try some new kinds of shots--a little scary, but fun.

Skye cries because Dean has her shovel

Grandpa hugs Amelia on the beach

Amelia absolutely adores her Grandpa Fiddy! I'm so grateful that the kids got to spend time with their grandparents that week. Dean keeps asking me if they're coming to Cambodia with us this weekend... We wish!

skye kisses her dad on the beach

^^^This might be my favorite image from the trip. I mean, what's better than baby bums?

Skye and Brad run into the water, reluctantly

Skye was really nervous about the ocean, much more so than the other kiddos. She stayed on the beach a lot, and screamed when we tried to get her in the water.

Skye wants to go back to the shore, Dean wants to go back out

Throughout the week, however, she got a little more comfortable with the water and even seemed to enjoy it for brief periods, despite her obvious distress in these images.

Brad carries dean on his back, pushes skye in the floaty, and Amelia swims away ahead

Brad uses the go pro on the shore while he holds Skye

On our last morning at the villa we took a nice little walk on the beach one last time, soaking in the beauty of it and wishing we could stay longer.

Amelia fishes with a stick

I'm glad the kids had a great beach experience--it's one of those things that Brad and I just didn't do much of as children, though we had plenty of other great travel experiences, and it's fun to do that with them now.

I hold Skye on the beach

Phuket, we love you. I'd say we'll be back but realistically... I just don't know if I'd ever make the long trip from the states. Too many other closer exotic beaches to explore. But from Asia, I would highly recommend it. One short flight and one 5 hour flight--not bad at all, really.

Mom and baby stand in the water

Oh yeah, and that Thai food... Boy, I thought I'd had good Thai food before visiting Thailand but I just didn't know what I was missing! I might have to go back just for coconut milk soup.

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