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A Day in the Life of the Sodergrens

I spent a day with the Sodergrens in November. I love this family so much. They're not only some of my most frequent clients but also some of my closest friends. I spent a Sunday with them and documented a fun, relaxed day with them.

Morning routines involved a lot of nakedness and running around. I'm a big fan of both, so that was fantastic.

After much running around and a diaper strike, we went upstairs to get ready.

Dad was on the phone with his parents, locked up his room, and sweet Anna Bella was not happy about it, so Mom comforted her while AB anxiously attempted to remove diaper.

Anna Bella got in some tickle time in Mom and Dad's room, giggling hysterically and ordering Mom and Dad to switch places when she was ready for a new tickler.

I love watching Matt and Jen play with Anna Bella. The way they love her and allow her to be just who she is is really inspiring to me.

After we got ready, we got on the bikes and made our way to the Sodergrens' favorite breakfast place. Biking together was a photographic challenge, but a fun one!

I love the way Anna Bella will suddenly cuddle or make a stinky face or throw her head back and laugh. You never know what you're gonna get!

Early Birds Cafe was fantastic! Great food and great service. The Sodergrens definitely seemed to feel welcome there and AB enjoyed eating on her mama's lap.

I love the way mothers eat with little ones on their laps. It's one of those things you never realize you're capable of until you're the mother of a toddler.

We hopped back on the bikes after breakfast and headed to the park.

Tsurumai Park is big and lovely, right in the center of Nagoya and typically full of people on a weekend morning.

Diaper changes in the park are always an adventure.

Moms can play, too! I love the way Jen and Matt get in there and play with Anna Bella, just really living in the moment with their daughter.

Anna Bella likes for Matt to slide down in front of her, pushing him all the way.

This brave girl insisted that they take their socks and shoes off and climb in the freezing cold creek. So they did! Her sweet dad did just what she asked. They jumped and kicked and played around in the water until she decided she'd had enough of the cold!

I love this girl's smile.

We explored the park some more, peaking at bugs and into tree trunks.

Of course by the afternoon it was time for a nap. Anna Bella got a little cranky, so her mama picked her up and cuddled her while we walked back to the bikes.

Anna Bella requested some "poop". Poop means soup, apparently, but I had a good laugh when she repeatedly shouted, "POOP! POOP!" until we found a vending machine with corn soup on our way out of the park.

As soon as we made our way back home, Anna Bella conked out.

Nap-time for Anna Bella in the bike is common on the weekend, so as usual, they took the bike upstairs and parked it in the entrance of their apartment while she slept.

I loved chatting and relaxing with Jenny and Matt while Anna Bella napped. Every time I hang out with them I learn more about them and find I like them even more. They're good people and they love their daughter like crazy.

Anna Bella woke up a little startled to find herself in the bike seat, and ready to cuddle.

She cuddled with mommy, glared at me a bit, and drifted right back to sleep for another little nap.

I love this girl and her family. I can't wait for the next Day In The Life with the Sodergrens.

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