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  • Elisse Carma

Camping in Slovenia

For our big summer camping trip we headed to Slovenia--about a 6 hour drive from home--with our dear friends, Vanessa and Marco, their two kids and beautiful Australian shepherd. The mountains around us were stunning and foreign to us, the river provided the perfect afternoon activity for the kids, our bikes allowed us to take a few short rides to beautiful sites nearby, and the campsite itself was perfect. It was rather busy, as August is the busiest month for camping in Europe, but we lucked out with good timing and parked right next to the river, so all day and night we had the peaceful sound of the water next to us. We took our VW vans up the hills once for a beautiful hike to some waterfalls and a picnic.

We've vacationed a few times with these friends and we are always glad we did. The kids get along so well, Vanessa and I talk for hours and cook delicious meals together, the men get along great, and we have fun late night talks and game nights after the kids go to bed. It's rare to find a family that you get along so well with, enough to travel together, and we are so lucky that Vanessa and Marco is one of those families for us. Plus we have the added bonus of working on our Italian while vacationing!

Slovenia and the company proved to be more than what we hoped for. We can't wait for the next trip with our favorite camping buddies.

man on his back in a river

woman and her dog kissing her

dog shakes the water off

dad getting a kiss from his son at the river

little girl hiking with a big hiking stick

me and brad at the campsite

little boy in a helmet crosses a river

kids in the back of the vw van

camper van nappers

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