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  • Elisse Carma

London On My Own

In November I flew to London without the family for a quick trip for a mentoring session with my favorite photographer, Kirsten Lewis. This is something I'd looked forward to for a few years...and it was everything I'd hoped for and much more. To be honest, it was pivotal for me--I'd even say it was vital for me as a photographer at that point in time. I was nearly on the verge of giving up client photography for a while, for a host of reasons. But Kirsten turned that around for me...

The day before my mentoring session I had an entire day to myself to explore London, for the first time. This honestly scared me a little bit, not just for my safety as a single woman carrying a nice camera in a big foreign city I'd never visited, but also because I'm not the travel planner of the family. Brad does nearly all of our travel arranging. He does the research and picks the airbnbs and decides what we'll do--for good reasons: Because he cares more than I do and because I get overwhelmed by all the options and take weeks to decide.

So this time I had to figure it all out on my own... and it went pretty well! I noted a few things I wanted to do, but I knew we'd return to London in the future so I wasn't stressed about seeing anything in particular. Highest on my list was some good vegan british food, and I definitely found that. But I mostly enjoyed just taking the bus around the city, walking around for hours, practicing some photography while I walked. Of course, architectural photography is not my thing, but it was still good practice looking for good light and composition. So here's some of my attempts at photographing the city, if you're interested!

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