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The Whites, their visitors, and some BIG News...

Baby kissed by her daddy

The Whites asked me to document a special visit to Nagoya from their cousins, Rene and Lisette. Gaby told me that Rene is like a brother to her, so I knew this was a special occasion.

mom dad and baby on the couch

Gaby was so excited for her cousins and his wife and their brand new baby to arrive. She's always an incredible host and plans outings and weekend trips and parties for her guests.

baby smirk

Of course, the majority of the excitement for this visit was about sweet little Eliana. I heard she was a spectacular baby who rarely cried and deserves the best traveling baby award.

cousins and the baby

mama and baby at the japanese temple

We had a great time at the temple near Gaby's home, playing and capturing some sweet moments between families. I know Gaby was so sad to say goodbye to them.

gaby and giuliana playing

braxton being silly

White kids and their shoes

Gaby and Brian

Gia is a little pouty and quiet

Gia looks at her little cousin sweetly

Braxton is bored

The kids were restless and uncooperative for a family picture, but it really didn't matter. We always have a good time and make it work somehow!

A fun family picture after many fails

I'm so glad we could squeeze in this last shoot together before I left Japan for good. It's interesting to look back and remember how heartbroken I was at the time we did this shoot, because I'd soon be saying goodbye to one of my best friends, a woman who is like a sister to me...

And now I'm thrilled to be able to share that this gorgeous Mama and her family will be moving to our little town in Italy in just a few short months!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!?! How could I be so lucky?! I'm still in shock from our phone call a few weeks ago when I bawled like a baby at the news. I just want to tell the whole world that my Gaby (and my sweet little Braxton and Gia!) will be with me again soon.

Read here to find out why this news makes me the happiest person in Italy.

Read here to hear her words about our Mama tribe in Nagoya.

I can't even tell you how happy important Gaby was in my expat life in Japan. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have my person back.

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