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  • Elisse Carma

July in Pennsylvania

Well, obviously our two years in Japan have ended. We were terribly sad to say goodbye to Japan and to all of our friends--many practically family. We really didn't want to leave... but we were also excited about the adventures to come. We left in July. First we visited our family in Pennsylvania, where Brad and I met so many years ago.

skye gets hit by the hose

We had so much fun with cousins and grandparents and the kids just soaked up that big back yard and all the fun to be had.

skye shoots dad with a water gun

kelsey flips her wet hair

amelia happily plays with the water hose

kids playing with water

amelia slip and sliding

amelia eats a messy s'more

Amelia got her wish to have a campfire and s'mores.

Skye watches grandpa and amelia eating s'mores

grandpa and kelsey eat smores

kelsey laughing

grandma and grandpa in front of their home

Kelsey and her curls

Kelsey and her wild beautiful hair

This beautiful, artistic, intelligent girl let me take a few pictures of her and her gorgeous curls.

Kelsey laughing

Family picture in front of the PA house

We of course visited our favorite Amish Smorgasbord for breakfast and had ice cream at our favorite places. We visited some friends and just enjoyed the calm of that quiet town. We always love returning to Pennsylvania.

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