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  • Elisse Carma

Strider Kids

boys race on their bikes in the park

In February (Yep, I'm still blogging images from 9 months ago!) we participated with friends in the Nagoya strider bike race. What a blast! I'm so glad we got to be a part of it. These first few images are from an evening we spent practicing at a park and the second batch is from the race day in Nagoya. How I wish we could be preparing for next year's race with Miwa and Erinn's families now!

amelia and skye at the park

kids play on their bikes

boy and mom with the zip line

nagoya dome and father and daughter

strider bike races for kids

dean tries his hardest

parker is disappointed

erinn comforts and encourages parker

justin and sweet clara

clara and skye crawl on the ground

clara and skye are crazy

skye throws a fit

skye throws a fit

skye looks tired

dean crashes in the car

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