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  • Elisse Carma

The Flu-pocalypse

Dean on the couch

The flu hit us back in February. Not just like the one-day stomach flu... the real flu. The wretched angry dragon by the name of Influenza B. It roared through the schools, taking out more than half of the kids in Amelia's class for a solid week--enough to make them close class completely for a few days.

Amelia on the sofa

Amelia curled up

Dean sick

Brad helping Amelia

Skye got sick

All three kids got hit pretty hard with it, in addition to single and double ear infections. I remember I couldn't help but laugh when I returned to the pediatrician for the 6th time in two weeks (all in masks) and just shrugged and apologized for bringing the flu back to his office again. But how else could we get the antibiotics the kids needed for their ears?

Skye with her bottle top

Skye with a face mask

It was a rough few weeks, but really it could've been much worse and we're grateful we recovered without any major problems.

Dean with hygienic face mask on a walk

One thing I love about Japan is its' love for hygienic face masks. You see them everywhere here--even a single cough can warrant wearing a mask for many people, because it's better to be safe than sorry!

As fun as Influenza was, I hope we won't have to go through it again for a very very long time.

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