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  • Elisse Carma

Vivi and Mika in Shirakawago

In early March I had another engagement session in Shirakawago with this beautiful couple, Vivi and Mika. They are from Jakarta, visiting Japan with friends. They were absolutely wonderful to work with--happy and very much in love, and just so beautiful. They made my job very easy! I was a little worried about the snow having melted, because the weather was gorgeous in Nagoya that week... but even though it was an absolutely beautiful day, there was still a lovely blanket of snow on the ground to add a nice winter touch to our scenery. It was perfect! Here are my favorites from this gorgeous pre-wedding session.

Vivi and Mika smile at each other in tan coats
Vivi and Mika with just the trees behind them

wide angle image of Vivi and Mika with a gassho house behind them

Solo shot of beautiful Vivi

Vivi and Mika in the bright sun

Vivi and Mika with a gorgeous view of a gassho house

Vivi wearing a black hat, on Mika's shoulders

Vivi on Mika's shoulders

Mika kisses Viv on the cheek

Vivi and Mika dance

Serious and lovely

Vivi and Mika laugh in front of a beautiful setting of trees

Vivi and Mika and the gassho hut and reflection

Vivi in a red sweater and Mika in black

Vivi and Mika and grass roofs pointing down at them

Vivi and Mika in front of the beautiful old homes

Mika kisses Vivi's cheek

Mika looks lovingly at Vivi while she laughs

Vivi and Mika in front of the wooden building

Vivi in black hat

Vivi on Mika's shoulders

Vivi in black hat laughing with Mika

Looking like models

Intimate embrace

wide angle image of Vivi and Mika

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