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  • Elisse Carma

Snowy Shirakawago Engagement Session

Mira and Sin embrace while the snow falls around them on the street

I had the opportunity to shoot a few sessions in Shirakawago in January with couples that were visiting from out of the country.

Mira and Sin in front of a snow covered house in Shirakawago

This couple, Mira and Sin, are getting married this year. They came to visit Japan from Indonesia with Mira's parents.

Sin kisses Mira on the forehead in the snow in Shirakawago

Shirakawago is a popular tourist destination here. It's about two hours from Nagoya, where I live.

Mira and Sin laugh together in Shirakawago

This town has the most beautiful old houses with extremely durable grass roofs. The houses were built in a way that allows them to withstand earthquakes, and the roofs are plenty capable of withstanding heavy snowstorms.

Mira and Sin smile at each other in Shirakawago

This is known as one of the snowiest places in Japan! And it certainly didn't disappoint in the snow department on that day in January.

Sin looks lovingly at his fiancée in Shirakawago

The snow came down heavily during most of Mira and Sin's shoot, making it pretty challenging for me.

Mira and Sin laugh at each other in the snow

This was my first opportunity to shoot in such heavy snow conditions, and on top of that, I was shooting with two cameras, with a long lens and wide lens. This made it very tricky to hold everything (including the umbrella), stay dry, keep my fingers from freezing, and focus on taking good pictures.

Mira and Sin stand together and smile

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Sin puts his arms around Mira as they laugh together in Shirakawago

But really, even though it was very challenging, and even though I cursed the snow for hours afterward, I'm glad I had the chance to shoot here.

The couple stands together in the snow under umbrellas

And maybe I'm crazy, but I'm going back in early March. So if you want a snowy Shirakawago session, please let me know and we'll make it happen!

Mira and Sin laugh at each other

Mira and Sin were great sports, even though it was their first time to experience snow, and even though they were very much not prepared for it. Their footwear was... let's just say, insufficient for trekking through snow for two hours.

The snow falls around the couple as they dance in front of the torii gate

I was amazed with their good attitudes, regardless of the conditions!

Snow falls around the couple

They both seemed very happy and in love, eager to document this magical (if freezing) experience together.

Snow falls and the couple walks up the pathway with their umbrella

I hope they come back to Japan so we can do another session--maybe in kinder weather next time?

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