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  • Elisse Carma

Snowy Shirakawago Honeymoon Session

CJ and Khristel stand in front of a beautiful grass roof home

CJ and Khristel were recently married and came to visit Japan on their honeymoon. This was my first honeymoon session, and I felt like Shirakawago was the perfect place for it!

CJ and Khristel laugh together in front of a beautiful grass roof home

I described Shirakawago in the previous post from my other session on the same day. This is an old town, established in 1897.

CJ and Khristel kiss in front of the mountains around in Shirakawago

From the old and sturdy grass roof homes to the gorgeous mountains surrounding the town, visually there is no comparison.

CJ picks up Khristel playfully in Shirakawago

It's about two hours from Nagoya, and well worth the drive. This beautiful mountain town is a huge draw to tourists in any season, but it's known for being one of the snowiest places in Japan, and it's quite the site in winter.

CJ and Khristel with their foreheads together in a field of snow

Khristel and CJ were so fun to work with. They were clearly very much in love and very happy to be visiting Japan.

Khristel and CJ laugh together on a little bridge in Shirakawago

They were both full of laughter and kept gazing lovingly at each other.

Khristel and CJ laughing together in the town

Doesn't it make you want to revisit that blissful honeymoon week, if just for a moment?

CJ dips Khristel and kisses her

It's such a unique time, when you are filled with excitement about making the biggest decision of your life, starting your life with this person you've chosen to build a life with...

CJ and Khristel look happy in love in Shirakawago

And when the stressful wedding festivities are finally behind you, you can disappear, away from the world you know, and just focus on each other.

CJ and Khristel laugh at each other in Shirakawago in front of a grass roof home

I'm glad that these two chose to include me for two short hours in order to document this happy time in their lives!

Black and white image of CJ and Khristel in Shirakawago

If I could go back, I was absolutely hire a photographer for a quick honeymoon session in our escape location of choice.

Vertical shot of CJ and Khristel embracing in front of a grass roof home

Actually, my own wedding was in December, and because we had very little time to plan and only a little money to work with, we ended up in Cape Cod... so a very snowy honeymoon is not so unfamiliar to me!

Close up of Khristel and CJ with their foreheads together, happy, covered in snow

These lovebirds gave me plenty of beautiful moments of connection to work with! For that I am always grateful.

wide angle shot of a grass roof home in Shirakawago with a happily married couple standing in front

CJ looks at Khristel and she closes her eyes

CJ and Khristel in front of a grass roof home, Khristel showing her ring

Check out these incredible Japanese grass roof homes. You have got to see them for yourself!

CJ and Khristel laughing, vertical image, in Shirakawago

I really enjoyed getting to know CJ and Khristel, and I hope they will visit again some day! As this was their second visit to Japan (the first being the surprise proposal!), I have a feeling they might!

Close up image of Khristel's beautiful face
Khristel closes her eyes and CJ kisses her forehead

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