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A Walk in the Bamboo with Skye

We have a little bamboo forest right down the road from us--about a 10 minute walk, 3 minute bike ride.

Sometimes we take the kids on walks through there. It's always really quiet and peaceful. I don't see many people there--maybe one other walker, usually an old man.

This is the kind of place I longed for when we lived in Texas. Something green, something other-worldly, something you can escape into. Something alive and beautiful. Something that wasn't suburbia.

Sure you can get that in patches of North Texas, but you definitely won't find it within a 10 minute walk of your Fort Worth suburban home.

Skye and I recently took a walk through the forest and I loved how green and beautiful it was, even in the thick of winter.

We didn't last more than half an hour, with the cold air biting into our fingers and toes, but it was enough to get a little escape from the busy world around us--and get some lovely pictures.

I keep saying it, but I'm constantly in awe of the beauty Japan has to offer.

Who knew, right, Skye?

We will be back soon for another little dose of bamboo beauty.

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