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  • Elisse Carma

Permana Family Visits Nagoya in Style

Permana family gets hair done and gets dressed into kimonos

I met the Permana Family on the day of their shoot in Nagoya. When I arrived at the beauty salon, the family was preparing for the shoot. I was thrilled to be able to document the preparation process.

Cayden waits in his kimono for his mother to finish getting ready

While Mom and Val got their hair done, the boys were dressed in their Kimonos. Sweet little Cayden talked to me happily about his family and about their home in Jakarta.

Val loves her pretty kimono, admires it as she looks in the mirror

Then it was Val's turn. Her beautiful hair all done, it was a trick to keep it in tact while pulling her hoodie over her head, but amazingly they pulled it off without a problem.

Val watches her mother Carina get dressed in her blue kimono

Then she watched as her mother, Carina, was dressed in her Kimono. This process was fascinating for all of us! There are so many layers, so many colors and patterns, so many steps to follow precisely. These ladies are patient!

Cayden and Val laugh at themselves in the mirror in kimonos

The kids had fun turning and seeing themselves in the mirror in their fancy kimonos. I was impressed with how secure the clothing was on their active little bodies.

The Permana Family takes a walk through the city streets in their kimonos

When everyone was dressed and ready, we walked across the street to Nagoya Castle.

Carina and her daughter Val walk near the Nagoya castle moat in their kimonos

Walking in these wooden sandals is really quite the feat! But they pulled it off gracefully.

The Permana Family poses in front of the Nagoya castle in their kimonos

The beautiful Nagoya Castle makes for a lovely backdrop for a photo shoot. I'm so glad they chose this iconic location.

Carina and Very smile and laugh as they sit together in front of the castle in their kimonos

I fell in love with this family very quickly. All four of them are so calm and sweet, and very loving to each other. Carina and Very are clearly very in love with each other and with their sweet kids.

Very and his daughter Val walk by the castle and laugh at each other

And these kiddos adore their mom and dad.

Very kisses his son Cayden as they stand near the castle

Cayden brought along this cute little stuffed Pokemon doll with him. And I thought it completed his look perfectly!

Val tickles her brother Cayden

Cayden and Val were playful and happy. I told Carina I was so impressed with how well they get along, even on vacation when the stuff always seems to hit the fan!

Val poses in her beautiful blue and orange kimono

This beautiful girl had a really intricate and well-put-together outfit. She looked like a real Japanese princess in this kimono, with her beautiful hair pinned and flowered, and the big orange bow on her back, and a great big smile.

Cayden swings his bag while posing in his kimono with his stuffed animal

Cayden looked so handsome in his ensemble!

Carina poses in her beautiful Kimono

I told the Permanas that they should consider dressing in kimonos more often, as it's a great look on them.

Carina and Very laugh and kiss on the bridge

Very and Carina said that they love Japan and they love to visit. Very travels here for work, and had nothing but good things to say about life in Japan and about the people here. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have the experience to live here.

The whole family sits together and laughs

And of course, I feel so lucky to have met the Permana family as well. Every client holds a special place in my heart, and this family definitely left their mark on me. I really hope to see them again--whether in Indonesia, Japan, America, or wherever life brings us together!

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