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  • Elisse Carma

The Whites: Mima and Pipa Visit Japan

Pipa lifts his granddaughter Giuliana at the shrine

The Whites had some special visitors this fall. Brian's parents visited for a few weeks!

Mima holds her grandson Braxton while he looks at her earrings

We visited a neighborhood shrine, very close to their home, to take some pictures and have some beautiful moments from their visit to look back on.

Pipa and Giuliana laugh at each other at the shrine

Gaby and her mother-in-law laugh together at the shrine

Living so far away from family can be really tough, so it's always extra special when grandparents come to visit their expat families in Japan.

Giuliana clings to her daddy's finger

Giuliana and her Pipa at the shrine. Giuliana is thinking...

I love how involved and playful the Whites are with their grandkids. You could tell they were trying to make the most of their time with their only grandchildren.

Pipa holds Giuliana at the shrine

Pipa and Mima hold their grandson Braxton at the shrine

Braxton squeezes his grandfather's lips together playfully

This is one of the ways that sweet little Braxton shows his love--by squeezing your face!

Braxton runs like crazy around the grounds at the shrine

This shrine was a nice spot for the kids to play and for me to grab some shots of them playing around and exploring the grounds. It's really fun to have little gems like this place in your neighborhood.

Gaby and Brian embrace as the kids play

Gaby kisses her daughter Giuliana

Baby kisses are the sweetest, aren't they??

Mom and dad point at the buildings with Giuliana

Gaby and Braxton being playful, Braxton squeezes his mom's cheeks

What did I tell ya? Face squeezing. It means I love you.

Gaby embraces Giuliana, Braxton is jealous while he holds onto his dad's hand

Sometimes Mom gives a little too much attention to Little Sister for Big Brother's liking. It's tough being the oldest.

Everyone gets a little love from Braxton!

Giuliana laughs with her Pipa at the shrine

At Giuliana's age, sometimes bonding with faraway grandparents can be tough, and it takes time to warm up to them when they visit. But this little one really seemed to adore her Mima and Pipa, despite her age.

Brian and his parents laugh together at the shrine

I'm glad that Gaby and Brian got a good few weeks with his parents and that they asked me to document some of their time together. Family is what it's all about!

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