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  • Elisse Carma

Sports Day 2017

Sports Day 2017 for Dean and Skye's preschool... get ready for a lot of wild photos!

Dean and Parker wrestle in orange shirts
Skye and Clara kiss at the end of sports day in their matching pigtails and orange shirts

Skye whines to Brad at sports day

Skye finally gets up the guts to do the obstacle course

The baby shark dance by Dean and his class

Sumo wrestling for the Explorers class

Rento and his dad at Sports day

Skye REALLY wants her sippy cup

Rento whines to his mother at sports day

Skye and Brad run the relay race at sports day with everyone pointing the way

Parker and Liam being crazy in line

Anthony and his dad being silly on the stands

Anthony and his dad in the gym

Very sad baby doing the sack race

Liam and Dean and Parker talking at sports day

Justin holds Clara at Sports day

Justin runs the parent relay race

Dad does the limbo while his little one pushes him from behind

Amelia does the limbo
Amelia holds Skye at sports day while Skye laughs

Skye is ready for the day to be over. She crashes on the ground in the middle of the gym.

Clara and Dean embrace at the end of Sports day

Dean and Yoshito finish the race last, not caring at all!

Crazy class picture of the Explorers with a silly Rento and Dean

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