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Best Buddies

Dean and Parker. Parker and Dean. I've never seen a pair of kids as inseparably close as these two.

When we moved here, Dean had the hardest time letting go of friendships in Texas. He often talked about Paigey, Aaron, Vivian, Pem, and other friends. I felt a pang of guilt every time he told me he wanted to go back to Texas.

But it didn't take long before he found a really special friendship with Parker. And now we can't tear them apart.

Dean and Parker are in the same preschool class. That means they see each other just about every day. Their teachers tell us they stay right by each other's sides all day.

When I ask Dean what he did today, without fail, he always tells me, "I played wif Parker."

When we go on a trip, he asks me every time if Parker is coming.

He asks me just about every week if Parker can come over, or sleep over, or eat dinner with us. On this day, at preschool pickup, I looked into Parker and Dean's big hopeful eyes and said, "Sure. Let's take Parker home with us." The joyful screaming that followed was probably loud enough to wake up the toddlers on the other side of the school.

^^Who could turn down those eyes??

You'd think two 4 year old boys would get tired of spending all their time with one friend.... but nope! It's Parker, Parker, Parker!

Skye has caught on, and now talks lovingly about "Paw-ta" when we head to school in the morning.

I'm so glad my little boy has a friend like Parker. I hope they'll have each other for years to come.

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