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Seoul, Part 1

Seoul! How I love you!

We spent five days in Seoul. We absolutely loved it.

Brad was really excited to go to Seoul, and I guess I wasn't quite as stoked. I thought it would be sort of like Japan but less clean and modern.

I didn't realize what a vibrant, bustling, diverse, beautiful city Seoul really is.

On the first day we visited Namsangol Hanok Village. We happened to visit during a cultural festival, so the kids got to make masks, weld little charms, try some yummy snacks like a buckwheat veggie pancake, and see some really amazing performances from drummers and tight rope walkers and singers.

It was a beautiful night. Really, the weather was perfect all week.

The next day, Brad wasn't feeling well so the kids and I walked around the neighborhood (we stayed right next to Seoul Tower). We trekked up big hills and over bridges and had some great views of the city. Then we met Brad at this restaurant, which had a delicious veggie sandwich for me (WIN!). Amelia took notes all day of course. It's what she does..

Brad felt better in the afternoon so we ventured to Gyeongbokgung palace. This was my favorite place to take pictures. So many cool places on the palace grounds for the kids to run and play.

The kids fought over pushing and riding in the stroller. Typical...

I loved the way the light softly flooded these passageways under the palace gates.

I loved all the interesting architecture and design. It reminded me of Japan but also had unique qualities.

The kids really loved running wild in there. Thankfully it wasn't too crazy crowded.

Overall the kids were pretty well behaved, with a bit of the usual fights and meltdowns. I'd say it was one of their better trips.

That night we walked to a vegan restaurant run by a former Buddhist nun. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I absolutely love trying vegan restaurants in new cities, and Seoul's food blew me away.

Stay tuned for part 2...

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