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  • Elisse Carma

Dreaming of Velvet

Amelia smiles at me from the pile of blankets

This is the guest bed. We've put it to use plenty of times since we've been here. We are people who love to have guests, and our kids love to jump on this bed. When we moved to Japan and into our home, we had a difficult time finding sheets. Did you know that Japanese people mostly sleep on small beds or futons on the floor? We are big people and we like big beds, and we knew our guests wouldn't appreciate sleeping on the floor or being crammed onto something small. So we looked for queen sized sheets for our queen sized Ikea beds...... and it was not easy.

"Mia is always laughing while having fun!" (Amelia's caption)

Thank goodness for Costco! Of course Costco has giant sheets. We got a duvet cover/sheets/pillowcases set that looked nice and cozy... but we didn't realize the sheets would be.... velvet. Yep. Velvet sheets and a velvet duvet cover. Cringing yet? I thought of my sister, who would probably vomit if I asked her to sleep in a velvet bed. It's strange... but we didn't have a whole lot of choices, and we were so tired of all the shopping, so we just sighed and accepted it as another strange part of our expat life. So if you come to visit us, and you aren't a fan of velvet... bring some sheets.

"Mia and Dean love wrestling with each other!" (Amelia's caption)

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