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The AF Weinerts

This picture is one of my favorites I've shot of a father and daughter. To me it says so much about their relationship. Dad is wrapping her in a big hug, lovingly squeezing her in, regardless of her daughter's embarrassment. Kelsey had laughed and pushed him away and then let her dad hug her, rolling her eyes a bit and laughing at him. These are the moments that inspire me to shoot. Real interactions, real connections, real moments.

I took these pictures of my brother in law's family this summer in Colorado. These guys have put up with me hovering with the camera for years now. They've learned to just ignore me. That's exactly what I want.

Kelsey has the most beautiful blonde curls, and I loved the way they looked against the lush green hills and the tan rocks.

And she has the greatest laugh!

Aiden wasn't too excited about pictures, so his mom grabbed him and tickled him and I snapped away.

Hiking in this beautiful state park provided a great backdrop for family pictures. Hiking causes most people to relax and take in their surroundings, and this just leads to more natural images.

Celeste is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I'm lucky to call her my sister in law. She's so easy to be around. She's incredibly bright and easy to have a conversation with. I've always admired the way she challenges her children, gently pushing them to try harder while giving them space to be themselves.

Grandma got in on a few pictures as well! Aiden adores her.

And of course here's Aiden with a finger mustache. Brilliance.

We miss the AF Weinerts and we're glad we got to spend the week with them in beautiful Colorado!

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