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  • Elisse Carma

Beautiful Colorado: Home Leave Part 4

Me and Brad in Colorado

We finished up our home leave with a family reunion with the Weinert side. We stayed in a cabin in the mountains near Denver. I swear, Colorado is the best place to spend the summer. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous scenery. We always enjoy it.

Amelia and Grandpa in Colorado

The kids love their grandparents so much and they always look forward to spending time with them, rare as it is. That's definitely one of the hardest parts about living abroad--missing out on time with family.

Brad standing in the pathway

While I didn't get my camera out very much during that week, I did take quite a few at the end of the week when we visited this state park with the remaining family members. It was incredibly beautiful and almost empty--which always makes for better pictures!

Amelia running along the path

The kids ran wild.

blowing on dandelions

dean running along the path

boys looking at the map in the state park

staring at me grumpily from her stroller

Skye's never too happy about chilling in the stroller. She'd much rather get out and walk or be held. So this is the face she gave me to express how she felt about it...

Amelia riding on grandpa's shoulders

Grandpa's always a good sport, though Amelia pushes her luck sometimes. She might be a bit big for a shoulder ride...

skye in her pink dress and Minnie Mouse sweater

brothers in hammocks

Here are a few from the family reunion.

brothers teasing each other in hammocks

Alec doesn't like to be tickled. His brothers know just how to push his buttons.

family reunion photo

It was an impromptu family picture, but I think it turned out nicely. They laugh at me when I tell them to talk to each other instead of looking straight at the camera. Everyone always does. But that's okay, because laughing makes for great pictures too.

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