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Hiking in San Piedra River Valley: Home Leave Part 3

Hiking: Dad and baby girl in her diaper in the ergo baby

We loved this hike, San Piedra River Valley, about an hour from where we stayed in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Family reunion hike in San Piedra River Valley

One of our favorite family reunion activities is hiking, which is a big reason we visit Colorado every other year. Hiking doesn't get much better than Colorado.

Skye smiles while eating her pepper in the ergo baby

skye eats her sweet pepper in her diaper

Skye and the other kids loves sweet peppers, so we've found that's a perfect hiking snack for us. By this time she'd lost her clothing to the river...

Brad in front of the rock face by the river

Any chance I get to capture this guy smiling, I'll take it. About two seconds after this he gave me a funny face as he often does when I have the camera pointed at him.

Amelia wanders in the river

Skye dips her feet in the water during our picnic

This hike provided the perfect spot for a picnic and river play. Skye still had her peanut butter sandwich remnants on her face as she dipped her feet in the water.

Dad hiking, showing us the valley

Dad finds the best hikes for us. I'm grateful that he gave us all a love for nature and hiking and that we get the chance to hike with him once a year.

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