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  • Elisse Carma

Cousins in Pagosa Springs: Home Leave Part 2

Huey buried in the sand pit, trying to escape

After my week with my sister in Arizona, I met Brad and the kids in Pagosa Springs, CO for our annual Jackson Family Reunion.

Colorado skies in Wolf Creek Pass

Every other year since I was a little kid we've vacationed here. It's like heaven on earth--breathtaking mountains and green valleys, rivers and lakes, great hiking, condos on a golf course, perfect weather in the middle of July. Colorado has the most incredible skies I've ever seen.

Val and baby Guy hiking

Best friends necklace for the cousins

The kids were in heaven with their cousins all week. They are so lucky to have plenty of cousins their age. And that means Brad and I are lucky because our kids are entertained for an entire week.

Dean and Colt hiking together

Amelia and Huey are always inseparable and Colt and Dean quickly became inseparable as well.

bon-bon reading to herself

And I loved getting to know my nieces and nephews better. It always feels like it's been way too long since we've seen them, but also like somehow we know them so well. I guess that's the beauty of the internet and social media.

Dustinn snuggles with Colt in the condo

Colt is so adorable with my brother Dustinn. I've never seen a little boy so attached to his daddy. It's the sweetest thing. And Dustinn, in this image above, was drifting off in this chair, clearly exhausted from travel, telecommuting, and, ya know, being a dad to 6 kids... but when Colt climbed into his lap, Dustinn opened his arms and snuggled Colt in tight.

Dustinn and Colt play hide and seek

Sweet baby Guy

This is Guy. He's stinking cute.

Bonnie watches her mom talk to Colt

Bonnie, Colt, and Dean dancing on the golf course

We had a really fun week with all the Jacksons and we're sad that it'll be another year before we can spend time with them again. But until then, the kids will be begging to see their cousins and remembering their week together in "Co-do-wa-do."

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