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  • Elisse Carma

Airport Dwellers: Home Leave Part 1

Watching the Delta planes load and roll by in the Detroit airport

We spend a lot of time in airports. On our trip back to the states this summer I decided it was time to start documenting it with the big girl camera, no matter how tired I'd be. The evening light in the Detroit airport--after our long flight from Nagoya--provided the perfect place to start.

Bored Dean waiting for our next leg on our home leave

It isn't easy for a little kid to deal with international travel, but ours have done just about as well as we could expect.

All 3 kiddos watching the  planes go by in the sunset light in the Detroit airport

They're quite used to waiting in airports, standing in long immigration lines, sleeping on the floor or a bench in a terminal or an airplane seat, eating airplane food.

Screaming at his sister for taking his hat

They get grumpy from time to time, as any kid would. They push each other's buttons plenty.

Playing on a moving sidewalk in the Detroit airport.

They make games out of anything. Moving sidewalks especially.

Baby girl doing somersaults in the sunset light in an airport.

We do somersaults in the airport terminals... Okay maybe just Skye does somersaults.

Bored and waiting for their flight

We try not to rely to heavily on the iPad, to teach them that it's okay to be bored and to sit quietly or invent a game. But, naturally, they get plenty of screen time when we travel.

Bored kids waiting for their plane

I guess if this expat life has taught them anything, it's that sometimes you just gotta sit and watch the planes roll by.

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