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Nona Visits her Little Loves in Japan

This little one, Giuliana quickly became my muse in her family's one hour session. The poor girl took two hard falls right at the beginning of our session and was bleeding from her face and head. I felt terrible about it, and we moved right away to the grass where her head would be much safer than on the gravel path. But I'll be honest, all the drama certainly created some sweet moments between her and her mama.

She's at that age where mama is her whole world, and no one can make her feel better than mama.

You'll see from these photos that Gaby feels the same way about her own mama. Lucky Gaby had her mother visit her here in Japan for nearly a month!

Gaby asked me to capture some moments at the park with her mother and her family in order to preserve this special time in their lives. It's clear that Gaby recognizes how special these moments are and cherishes her mother. I feel so honored that she asked me to help her bottle up this experience for them so they can remember it forever.

This Nona has a sweet relationship with her grand babies. She's patient and loving, indulgent and doting, but she also teaches them to be kind and respectful. I love the way she laughs off the tantrums and lightens the mood.

She's protective and concerned, but she lets them be children and explore. Watching her nervously watch Braxton on this giant web made me laugh because I could see how she hated the danger of him falling but she let him explore, ready to save him if he needed it.

Gaby and her mother made me laugh so much. I love their playfulness.

They each took turns on the slide, catching each other and laughing hysterically.

And then there's Braxton. This boy is just the sweetest. He's such a happy kid and every time he speaks to me in his sweet little voice I just want to gobble him up...

He's definitely not afraid to explore and push the limits... which is probably why he's always getting bumps and bruises!

Brian is a great dad and very present with his kids. He looks them in the eyes, listens, asks them questions, encourages them, plays their games. As always, the parents I shoot inspire me to be a better mom.

While the shoot took us in unexpected directions, we had fun as always and we captured some great moments between all the members of this fun and loving family. I'm so inspired by their love for each other and the way they value their time together.

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