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  • Elisse Carma

From Japan to Paris

Early this year, we realized we had a whole week off of school coming up in May, so we scoured for the best deal. We were shocked to find that Paris was one of the cheapest options! From Japan! Who knew?!?! So we jumped on it because.. well, it's Paris!

We loved Paris! I don't know that I'd recommend taking 3 little kids--it was SO much work, and would have been cheaper to pay a babysitter for the week to watch them in Japan. But, we certainly made some lasting memories.

Poor Dean was sick for a day, so we spent that day switching off lounging with him in the Airbnb and visiting the Louvre with the girls. It turned out to be a great way to see the Louvre--Amelia loves getting more time with us individually.

We loved walking the streets of Paris and trying whatever pastries or other delights jumped out to us.

This Ergobaby has certainly seen a lot of the world, and we absolutely love that thing.

My favorite day was our trip to Versailles. We did a private bike tour with Blue Bike Tours, and it was the best choice we made all week. A private tour was essential because of the three little ones--we couldn't keep up with a big group. Our tour guide was the owner of the company and she was fantastic with the kids, and even took Dean on the back of her bike. It was just the best way to see Versailles, in my opinion. And we had the MOST AMAZING salted butter caramel crepes in the market that morning... and maybe again that afternoon...

The castle at Vincennes was a great kid-pleasing activity. Knights and all!

Dean hates loud noises, so whenever he saw a bell tower he cowered with his hands covering his ears until we were far away from it.

I also loved the Palais-Royal right by the Louvre. Gorgeous courtyard and fun for the kids.

We saw much more than that, and wore the kids (and ourselves) out pretty thoroughly. The Airbnb turned out to be on the 6th floor of a walkup--not what they advertised. The weather was cold and wet. The kids were jet-lagged. It probably sounds like a nightmare, right? But I wouldn't trade that trip for anything. International travel with kids... it's a beating, but it's worth it. It's thrilling and exhausting and it'll teach you a lot about yourself and your kids. It'll open your eyes and make you appreciate what you have, however simple that is. It'll change you forever. I mean, I've already got one kid who's determined to study French and live in Paris eating crepes and croissants some day... she may never have discovered her love for all things French if it weren't for that trip.

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