• Elisse Carma

Hana-chan, 3 days old

Amelia's teacher, Mr. Charlie, has been a really wonderful teacher and friend to her this year. He understands what makes her tick and how to help her succeed and get excited about learning. He challenges her, he praises her, he appreciates her strengths and works with her where she struggles. He eats lunch with her when she asks him to and he calls her Amelia rabbit because we always pack carrots for her. He's been a great fit for her, and we're sad that the year is coming to an end soon. I was so excited when I found out that Mr. Charlie's wife, Fukumi, was expecting their first child. I was even more excited for the opportunity to document some of her first moments in the arms of her new parents. Mr. Charlie's family does not live in Japan, so I'm really glad we could capture this time for him to share with them and for all of them to remember. Plus, newborns are pretty much the greatest. That smooth skin, the soft wisps of hair, the faces they make in their sleep, and that new baby smell.... pure heaven. Here's baby Hana for all you baby lovers like me!

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