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  • Elisse Carma

Anna Mae and Erinn: A Winter Photoswap

Anna Mae Isobe and I have been talking about getting together for a while. She is an incredibly talented photographer living in Nagoya and also a dear friend of one of my best friends. We finally found time to get together for a little photo swap, Anna Mae and Erinn and myself. None of us are used to being on the other side of the camera, so this was quite new for us! Luckily, Anna Mae has an incredible eye for posing, which is not my strong point. I shoot candidly, so I was grateful for her help in this area.

It's really interesting how we took photos in the same place with similar gear and came out with very different results. Every photographer is so unique in their talents. I really adore Anna Mae's eye for color and light. You can check out facebook or Anna Mae's site for the pictures she took of me and Erinn.

Aside from respecting and admiring her as a photographer, I found that we became fast friends. We connected instantly and we laughed the whole time. Anna is so much fun and incredibly supportive and we bonded over our love for photography and our mutual friendship with Erinn. I've already spent time with her on a few other occasions since then (just two nights ago she showed up at the bar to watch me sing!), and I can't wait to hang out with her again. Who knows, maybe a joint photography workshop is in order??

Enjoy these images of my beautiful friends, Anna Mae and Erinn! Scroll down for their info...

Anna Mae poses with her Camera in the sunset light

Anna Mae in Black and white

Erinn in her sunglasses by the tree

Anna Mae by the tree

Anna Mae again in black and white

Erinn laughing in the sunset light

Anna Mae looking thoughtful

Anna Mae stands by the chozuya

Erinn holds her camera in black and white

Anna Mae and Erinn laughing

Erinn holding her Japan jacket

Anna Mae in front of the buddhist temple

Erinn looks at me and leans against the wood

Anna Mae looking stylish by the temple

Anna Mae in the gorgeous golden light

Anna Mae and her beautiful smile

Erinn looking beautiful and laughing

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